Reccs | Co-founder, COO | Summer 2020

Agile Methodology (Scrum) - Jira
Flutter (Dart)
Python (Pandas)
UI/UX (Figma)
GDPR/Legal Compliance


Designed and built a cross-platform app to provide restaurant recommendations “from friends, not strangers” by applying design thinking principles with my teammates. I managed the overall project using Jira. I was also responsible for developing the GTM strategy, the terms for GDPR & Legal compliance, and for user interface testing. Currently Reccs is beta testing on the iOS platform and we are utilizing the Lean Startup Methodology to innovate and iterate continuously. Reccs was chosen to participate in AddVenture, a start-up accelerator program, as part of the Summer 2020 cohort.

Co-founders: Ryan Teshima, Mason Loyet

Personal Website | Summer 2020

Agile Methodology (Kanban)


Designed this website to tell about myself and display my projects and accomplishments. I utilized Kanban, designed wireframes on Figma to visualize the UI of the pages, and created the frontend using a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Swim Seeder | Summer 2019

Agile Methodology (Kanban)


With expensive industry software not a viable option for most college swim clubs, seeding meets manually for hundreds of swimmers is a challenge. To solve this problem, I developed a swim meet seeding desktop application. The application seeds swim meets according to the event order followed by College Club Swimming and user preferences such as number of lanes, circle seeding, and seeding order. I applied Kanban, used Python pandas for data processing, and Python Tkinter for the GUI.

Climate Change Mitigator | Spring 2018



Designed and built an app to help scientists develop climate policy by graphing and analyzing how different mitigation strategies affect the overall Carbon Emissions, Carbon Concentrations, and Mean Global Warming on our planet. The app uses wedges developed from research conducted by Princeton University as the strategies to be implemented. I designed and implemented the overall UI of the app using MATLAB and worked on the graphing with interpolation.

Project Partners: Nikhar Arora, Sarina Xi