Green Clean | Team Lead | Spring 2020

Product Management
Design Thinking
Iterative Design
Design for Manufacturing


73 million single-use soap bars are disposed of annually, costing the US hotel industry upwards of $30 Million. Our product, Green Clean, dispenses bar soap shavings by utilizing a grating mechanism, leading to the complete usage of a bar soap hygienically. This will reduce wastage significantly, save costs by more than 25%, and enable hotels to be more environmentally friendly. As Team Lead, I assigned tasks based on the strengths of my team members and utilized product management principles to develop a quality product. I utilized design thinking principles throughout the product development process and conducted economic analysis to determine the market scope and value proposition for Green Clean.

Project Partners: Ethan Chung, Henry Cheung, Jacob Brito, Oniqa Urmi, SooMin Kang

Heading Machine | Spring 2020

Design for Manufacturing
3D Design


Continuous billet feeding allows a Heading Machine to be semi-automated, leading to higher production volumes and significant labor cost savings. As part of a team, we developed and tested a prototype billet Heading Machine with continuous billet feeding capabilities using Solidworks simulations. The Heading Machine uses plasticine at room temperature as a substitute for steel at high temperature due to their similar material properties. I designed the machine and created the 3D CAD representation of it while using Design for Manufacturing principles.

Project Partners: Boris Fedorov, Harald T. Rieber, Henry Ly

Project Website

Tiny Transforming Table | Fall 2019



With real estate prices soaring, more people are transitioning to tiny homes. Our team designed and manufactured a table that could function as a coffee table, desk, and dining table, using an expanding mechanism and a lifting mechanism that work independently of one another. With limited space, the multifunctional table maximizes usage while limiting space needed for storage. I conducted the stress and strain Finite Element Analysis of the SolidWorks models of the product.

Project Partners: Aliya Kusumo, Dominic Melville, Madison Hales

Smart Tuning Assistant | Fall 2019

Product Design


Musical instruments can be tuned incorrectly if not tuned in optimal temperature and humidity ranges. Our team designed the hardware and software that would streamline the tuning of musical instruments. We built the sensor configurations to connect with the app, allowing musicians to note the temperature and humidity at the time of tuning and tune their instrument accurately. I designed the mobile application and configured the ESPM32 Microcontroller using Python.

Project Partners: Jacob Brito, Oniqa Urmi

Photographer Phone Case | Spring 2018

Rapid Prototyping
3D Printing


Amateur photographers currently have to use an external storage device to carry lenses they wish to attach to their phones. We designed and manufactured a prototype phone case for aspiring photographers with no DSLR. The phone case boasts a unique combination of tripod mount and lens attachments storage, designed for storing up to 3 lenses and a small microfiber cloth. I applied rapid prototyping principles by 3D printing the prototype from the SolidWorks and AutoCAD models.

Project Partners: Eitan Slavick, Henry Zhang, Rachel Lim